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Goher Mumtaz
 GOHER MUMTAZ (JAL)  [ December 09th, 2003 ]

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Jumpy [Underground Media] - : Name?.

Goher Mumtaz

Jumpy: Age?

Goher: 22

Jumpy: Date of birth?

Goher: 27th July

Jumpy: Place of birth?

Goher: Faisalabad

Jumpy: Location?

Goher: Current location I guess. m Lahore,

Jumpy: Profession?

Goher: Recently done Bs hons in Computer sciences from PICS. Lahore plus the project JAL

Jumpy: Hobbies?

Goher: umm... let me think :)

Future plans?

Goher: Want to lead a band who will become a huge icon in Pakistan history, ( need your prayers)

Jumpy: How long you have been involved in media?

Goher: Just an year. back due to my first attempt to compose and write a song "Aadat"

What had inspired you in making music?

Goher: I had an accident after my intermediate papers and had to bed rest for six months.. and start playing guitar from internet at the time of that bed rest ( back in 1998) but inspiration of music has started from my child hood d when a I use to play a mini 12 notes Casio key board,, and at that time I was a big fan of Bryan Adams. bon Jovi.. I love them,, and some early work of Junoon was good as well which really inspired me to make some good music,, but I guess I have the sense of melody and inspiration from ma childhood  

Jumpy: How has your experience with Pakistani media been so far?

its really good.. I mean now the competition is really good and people has the good taste of music,,, and the media , is really supportive for the new fresh music instead of playing that old Noor Jehaan or Naheed Akhter songs .. etc, so its a good sign for the new bands.

Your debut video "Addat" is now being aired on music channels rather frequently. What's the concept behind this video?

Ya. I explained that point in the print media and in lota interviews.. and leme explain that here,, the video is al about to give a feel to the song rather then to show a modernized environment of a couple or something. although form my wording it looks like that its a romantic song . which it is . but the director Umer Anwar thinks broadly ad relates this video with life rather then love,,,, an that model Faisal shah was a character of life which shows the up and downs in life,, and that spirit picks him up and shows him the better part of life where . we say, SABHEEE RATEIN EHIN SABHEE BATEIN HEY > BHULA DO E UNHEIN > MIITA DOE UNHEIN,,,, that was an art video greatly done by the Umer Anwar , the first man who is interfusing c the concept of art videos in Pakistan. now its up to some good brains to understand that :)  

Jumpy: When you have plan to release your debut album?

Goher: inshALLAH in 3 months

Jumpy: We heard that band spitted, Is that true or just rumors?

Yes its true , band is going to have a new line up, and a new vocalist, because the vocalist and his brother is really interfering in the ban band try to make money outa it.,, they also tried to kick me off and wanna cash that Jal alone. to me Jal hasn't made for money making, Jal is still here to produce good music and thanks God that I came to know about Atif and his brother before an album as his brother claims to be the band manager for the band without any appointment letter form the band.. I have another vocalist which will be announced soon officially , and he has better voice then Addat and he can sing Addat very well . but I also wish my vocalist a luck for t his solo career, now he can make good money... plus he was start claiming to the people that me ( goher ) is the sessionist in the band.. and I think after all that crap I cannot tolerate him in my band and wish him success in his life,,,

Jumpy: A media revolution seems to be in session in Pakistan, Mostly through music, Would you say this applies to other fields of media as well?

Goher: Good question . defiantly yes, that gives people the true information form any where else and the concept of world as a global village really looks clear now after this revolution

Jumpy: How far do you see Pakistani media extend itself?

I think now a days lot of international parties r interested in making new channels for o Pakistan and as compared to India. the most dominant country us just because of the strong media. I really duno that it will extend but if it will extend then it will be defiantly good for our country if they al l will reflect the culture , norms of Pakistan in the proper manner.

Jumpy: How importance a role does play in terms of national outlook? Do you see our media meeting all criteria?

Goher: 2 year s back. no but now the r competition in there own limits.. I think this a big thing.
Jumpy: What flaws do you see in Pakistan?
Goher: lobbyism .should not be there e in media,
Jumpy: What about your music education?
Goher: I frankly speaking I don't have any musical education . I learned my guitar from a teacher back in 1998 , after that I have won many musical and also singing competition in college and organize many gigs in college,, moreover. I have attended many workshops given by the musicians, an I think if u have a talent in music then u don't need any education of it, u have to have good skill + good sense of melody . the melody that will catch the ppl'z heart that's it.
Jumpy: Tell us about your music equipments.
Goher: I have a Fernandez LE guitar, Maxton semi acoustic, marshal amp.. and two p picks joe gum hoe giee hein,,, lol
Jumpy: Tell us about your recordings (describe your style and every recording)?
Goher: mm . I think u r probably asking about t my style of music,,, I think I m inspired by some latin and Spanish music.. .. but my main concentration is on the melo of the songs and then to give him a groove with vocals and guitars,,
Jumpy: What we can expect from "Jal" in the future? Have you chalked out an entire plan. If so please to share it with us.
Goher: plaaaaaaaaaanz bohet .,.. but first priority is to release the album as soon as possible
Jumpy: Source of inspiration?
Goher: SILENCE :)
Jumpy: have you ever fallen in love?
Goher: yes.. m no......... mm I think yes........ after seemi no,,,, mmmmm nahin nahin yes again with rubeena. ya. but nooo.......... lol. just kidding. I think love should fall in me rather then I should fall in love :) get it???????
Jumpy: Have you ever played live?
Goher: we always plays live . and we have to perform on that cause this thing kills the music and the musicians. I will also request to all the band that . please perform live,,
Jumpy: What inspires you when composing a song?
Goher: my basic idea to compose a song inspires from anyone thing happens in a minute . might be some good voice form a bird, any good note of guitar. some hum or something like that . same is the case with my next songs. dilharay. rangaon mein, aadet , jagay hein , tootay sapnay and fard,, so I made that songs in 5 minutes. but then works on it a lot.
Jumpy: What comes deeper from your soul, Music or Lyrics?
Goher: I think lyrics should be deep and I f someone writes the lyrics he shall also give the music of that song cause that man knows that at what type of music is suitable for it. f I can Addat is a good example of that.
Jumpy: What do you think about other Pakistani artists?
Goher: they are good...
Jumpy: Favorite musicians ?
Goher: bohet se hein, but I personally like ,, salman elbert, shoaib mansoor some projects, arshad mahmood, ,,I
Jumpy: Favorite songs ?
Goher: GOO GOO DOLLS IRIS. .all time fav,.
Jumpy: Favorite actor ?
Goher: movies ka time nahin
Jumpy: Favorite actress ?
Goher: haan movies ka time hey,, mmmmm I like,,,, kheterine . zeta jones a lot ;)
Jumpy: What do you think about Jumpy?
Goher: simply the great the way your permoting and conducting interviews, really good effort and I will really appreciate it the way your have taken your first JUMP .:) best wishes for u and your site.
Jumpy: Final comments
Goher: d always respect your parents .. cause they plays a major role in your success. and life is short so enjoy it in this little time slot,,,,, Loves TO ALL JalHolics and to those who r not jalholics :)
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